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California Department of Public Health
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Commerce, CA 90022
ATTN: Eric Stone

Office of Quality Monitoring
Joint Commission on Accrediation of Healthcare Organizations
One Renaissance Blvd.
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

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Medical Board of California
Central Complaint Unit
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1200
Sacramento, California 95815


Complaint filed with California Department of Public Health and the Joint Commission on Accrediation of Healthcare Organizations (Incident #91269OSZ-41392ZA0)

This complaint alleges that College Hospital provided negligent treatment, failed to comply with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and creates an environment which makes it impossible to verify the license status of care providers.

(1) College Hospital provided negligent treatment by failing to assure a profoundly deaf patient, who only communicated in sign language, could understand hospital personnel, instructions and the treatment he was receiving. Hospital personnel could not communicate with this patient and were unable to understand his medical needs. College Hospital failed to provide sign language communication services so that this patient could have equal access to hospital programs with other patients as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

(2) College Hospital personnel are identified only by first name or first name and last initial; they refuse to disclose their last names when asked. College Hospital states: “You have the right to know the names of the caregivers who treat you.” Charge nurse “Christal V” is identified as a registered nurse, however the State of California’s Board of Nursing on-line license verification system fails to show any registered nurse with first name “Christal” or variations.

Review posted on yelp.com 4/9/2011 by Rebekah B., Los Angeles, CA

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Seriously.

Review posted on yelp.com 3/2/2011 by Lisa O., Los Angeles, CA

My 87 year old father was sent to this disgusting excuse for a hospital about a year and a half ago. His experience (as well as my own) was a nightmare. I witnessed the staff mistreating my father as if he were an animal rather than a human being. When I complained they were rude and basically ignored me. Each time I visited my father was cold, hungry and still wearing the same clothes he'd been wearing from the previous day. It broke my heart to see my father treated in such a horrific manor. This hospital is so bad it doesn't deserve any rating. I'm writing to warn other families out there and hopefully spare you and your loved ones from the horrible abuse my father was subjected to at this facility.

Review posted on yelp.com 7/13/2010 by p p., Beverly Hills, CA

I agree with Dave p. They are horrible especially the doctors. They suck all the insurance and they see you for a second and determine you need a longer stay. I found out a doctor there was sued for negligence and lost and now changed his profession to psychology. He still doesn't care about his patients. I met alot of people who feel the same way you do Dave p.. Your not alone. You can also rate your doctor if they were good or bad at this webisite http://www.ratemd.com. http://www.collegehospitals.org.

Review posted on yelp.com 7/8/2010 by p p., Beverly Hills, CA

Dave p. you are so right. They should be out of business. They intimidate people and people are there to get help. They get all the money out of your insurance and if you say something watch out. The Doc's see you for a second and don't even bother to help you. They also want to dump you off wherever. I know a lot of people that were mistreated and where held for speaking about their rights. They also offer their cigarettes and who knows what is in them. It's bad enough they keep you there and try all kinds of medications. If you had mistreatment at this location write your review please.

Review posted on yelp.com 5/31/2010 by Melanie G., Orange, CA

This place sucks.I went to go visit my friend with a disability here and she was saying how one of the nurses hit her.As I was leaving,I saw that nurse hit her when none of the other patients looked.The staff doesn't even care if one of the nurses hit the patients.Then when I bitched at them,They said that my friend could fill out a worthless claim report that they probably throw away or shred.Don't let your family members or friends get abused in this fake prison.

Review posted on insiderpages.com 3/25/2010 by Melissa K.

I first saw Dr. Pratty in 2000. Since then he began seeing my father. My father was recently diagnosed with Cancer. The Oncologist was not sure of what type of cancer, but made a 'best guess' at that time and said it was small cell lung cancer. My father is a smoker, has been for over 40 years. So when he went to see Dr. Pratty that same day, Dr. Pratty took it upon himself to "counsel" my father. He asked him how did it feel to know he did this to himself? Has he thought about the anger his family is feeling toward him for doing this to himself by being a smoker? (we felt no anger towards my father and still don't) Is he really going to seek treatment and end up prolonging the inevitable and leave my mother in debt? HE HAD NO RIGHT to say ANYTHING to my father like that. He over stepped his bounds. So my father came home decided that he was not going to even attempt the Chemo that his doctor had scheduled and was just going to die, all from what this PSYCHIATRIST, not PSYCHOLOGIST said to him.

Well I have an update for you Dr. Pratty. My father's cancer is caused by Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. And thank God he has REAL Christian family, friends, and church family to encourage him that he is worthy of treatment and trying to live as long as possible. You do not know my parents financial situation or our relationships with him, and it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. HOW DARE YOU pass judgment on my father or anyone else for that matter.

I will be reporting you to anyone and everyone I can. You owe my entire family an apology, especially my dad. I cannot begin to express the anger and hurt you have caused. Shame on you.

Review posted on yelp.com 11/18/2009 by adina i., Sepulveda, CA

Cerritos College Hospital is by far the worst hospital in California. The staff is absolutely horrible. I was a patient about a year ago there and they act as if you do not exist. One of the nurses asked me if I go to a "special" school. I was on the honor roll and had straight A's. Another nurse threatened me that if I did not behave I would be sent across the street where they would through feces at me and the other patients would torture me. She also talked bad about the other patients to me. The psychiatrist there rarely saw his patients and if he did it was for only a few minutes. They spelt my name on my wrist band wrong and asked me if I was sure. As if I don't know how to spell my own name??? The videos they showed us were very irrelevant and kept skipping and had no sound. The pay phone barely worked and when you would get a call no one would let you know. Basically the staff treated their patients with no respect and were not helpful at all. They were supposed to help the well being of their patients, and did not do so what so ever. Never work or admit anyone to Cerritos College Hospital. Worst experience of my life!

  Complaint filed with the Medical Board of California against Dr. James S. Pratty, M.D. (Control Number: 06 2010206499)

This complaint alleges that Dr. Pratty engaged in fraudulent conduct by extending a patient's confinement, under the provisions of WIC §5250, without medical justification. Dr. Pratty made perfunctory medications changes in an attempt to justify this extended confinement. When the patient's family complained and demanded a due process hearing, Dr. Pratty discharged the patient on the same day the hearing was scheduled.

In our opinion Dr. Pratty, possibly in collusion with College Hospital, extends the confinement of patients covered by Medi-Cal/Medicare, without medical justification, for the purpose of generating additional revenue.

Review posted on yelp.com 4/17/2011 by Jasmine S., Long Beach, CA.

College hospital is absolutely horrific. I was put on 72 hour hold, ended up staying 10 days. Food there is terrible. It's always cold. Staff is unbelievably RUDE. There planned schedule is hardly ever gone through with. The "therapists" and group session don't even address things needing to be addressed. I got nothing out of my stay there and if anything i have left the hospital more depressed when i had checked in. Also, the staff and security hardly even did there job, i had my roommate "lighting a blunt". positively chaotic. does not even deserve one star.

Review posted on yelp.com 3/31/2011 by T S., Buena Park, CA.

My son was there and they didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. That place is a joke!!!! They held him for 48 hours didn't talk to him. What a disaster that was.

E-mail received from Wendy L. 2/2/2011.

...In addition, we called the Cerritos, CA police department who told us that this is an ongoing issue with college park and we should get her out of there as soon as possible and the best way was to cut off the money as this is what they only want and will not help our niece. The officer said they have had far too many calls against College Hospital and said we to do whatever we could to get her out of the and he could not take her out for us off the record.

Review posted on insiderpages.com 12/30/2010 by d m.

my wife was placed on a 72 hour hold he never listens just raises his voice at you saying i have the power to keep you here as long as i want his session with you is 5 min or less he just bagers you and dopes you up avoid this doctor at all costs he will drain your insurance then kick you out if you have been wronged by this doctor contact me im trying to get a law suite going [phone number redacted]

Review posted on yelp.com 9/2/2010 by Erin K., Cerritos, CA.

TERRIBLE facility! This place is soo chaotic!!!! I wish I could give it negative stars!!! If you could avoid sending a loved one to this place, please try!

I have a younger brother (18yrs old) who is there and they don't treat him well at all! They've lost all of the clothes we have packed for him (including his favorite pair of designer jeans) and has been forced to live in the same, unclean clothes (underwear and all) for the past 4 days and they won't allow him to sleep on the foam pad we provided for his bed (his bed is sooo hard and he has scoliosis and needs special support for his back!!!). There is very poor communication between the nurses and the staff. After my brother was transported there, we told the nurses that we would like the doctor to call us the next day...and the nurses never delivered that message to the doctor!! When we finally got a hold of the doctor (2 days later), he refused to have a meeting with my parents because he was too busy and didn't want to make time!! He treated my father very rudely on the phone, which is highly inappropriate! The doctors and staff at this place DON'T CARE WHATSOEVER about the family of the patients. My brother told me that the doctor barely even speaks to him or acknowledges his presence...he just looks at his charts and pretty much walks out. Talk about caring for your patients!! The nurses are rude to my brother and don't care about any request he has made or anything he has asked...they just shew him off! They won't even let him know the time! We can only visit one hour a day...and that is not enough time for family! The doctors haven't taken the time to fully evaluate my brother and we can see that his condition has been improving on its own...but the doctor wants to hold my brother there much longer which is extremely odd!

If you truly are concerned for the well-being, health and happiness of your loved one, please avoid this place

Review posted on yelp.com 4/3/2010 by dave p., Los Angeles, CA.

DO NOT allow your family members to be placed in this Hell Hole for "treatment." They will simply be warehoused in order for the hospital to suck all of the benefits out of your insurance plan. As widely reported in the news, College Hospitals have a history of dumping uninsured patients in downtown Los Angeles. The doctors and staff are hostile and abusive. Even if patients voluntarily admit themselves, they can't leave voluntarily because the doctors will fabricate reasons to keep them there as long as there is money to be made. If Dr. Manolito Fidel is assigned to your family member, don't expect anything but a two minute conversation every day in order for him to bill your insurance company for his "visits." Most of the staff could not get a job pushing a broom at any other facility, but College Hospitals employs them just to have the appropriate number of warm bodies on staff. Their level of incompetence and indifference towards patients and family members is astounding. Avoid this place at all costs.

Review posted on yelp.com 3/8/2010 by Viva K., Los Angeles, CA

Units are cold, about 60 degrees when I visited, and dimly lit. Staff seems to have little knowledge of their own schedule, phone system, organizational structure, chain of command, etc. Messages left are rarely returned and when they do return calls they are unable to answer basic questions accurately - such as "do you have social worker there on weekends," "do you have a written schedule," or "when does the multi-family group take place."

Review posted on RateMDs.com 3/7/2010

Dr. James Pratty (AHMA Medical Group) spent virtually no time talking about how I felt - how the medication was working at follow-up visits after prescribing medication. Dr. James Pratty, in my opinion, has "Little Man's Syndrome", and did not work with me, he only dictated orders. He tried to dip into the wrong Insurance, contrary to CA law (to my knowledge). He had his people call me the day of my appointment to cancel an appointment hours before it was scheduled. Dr. Pratty continued to prescribe medication with NO oversight. His reports were lacking and even after updating my initial evaluation once, it was still missing critical information that my Insurance Company requested. He refused to correct the report unless I did what he wanted me to do, and it felt like blackmail, and then he abandoned me at Christmas time. It was the worst feeling; Dr. Pratty refused to speak to me or return email, leaving me on my own in late December with no one to turn to.